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Becoming a writer

Writer’s block

Writer's block, not at all a fun challenge to accept. We inevitably meet our nemesis at one time or another. Writer's block is as old as the world. Not only writers, every artist in one way or the other experiences... Continue Reading →

Learning from everyone’s mistakes

We are expected to learn from the mistakes in our lives and make effort to not repeat such. As simple as it sounds, it is not often practiced. We very much want to examine the lapse and understand it. Probably... Continue Reading →

Empowered thinking

Not everything will happen as we plan, though we very much want it to be so. Chanting that everything is positive doesn't make it fail proof. We plan something, start working on it and become obsessed with its success and... Continue Reading →

How to be a better person

We judge others often than ourselves, which should be the other way around. The person who judges others tries to find flaws in every other person except himself. As a person, You evolve through each and every moment in life.... Continue Reading →

Real Artists Don’t Starve – Book review

'Real Artists Don't Starve' is an exemplary work of an artist's path to self-discovery and creative fulfillment. The research that went into the writing of this book is incredible. It is full of great examples, propositions, anecdotes, and analysis. It... Continue Reading →

The Power of Hope

       "When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on" ~ Theodore Roosevelt We experience hard times and unforeseen circumstances all the time. It is part of life. Being happy is not the... Continue Reading →

How Audiobooks changed my reading

Audiobooks are trending, for years now. When I first heard this term, I did not know what to expect.  It is a book in the format of an audio file read to the listener. A technology of this kind will be... Continue Reading →

Trust the process

Recently, I read an essay about building habits and anticipation of reaching the goals. Here are two examples to examine. " I will publish my best creative work ever" " I will create my art daily " The above sentences... Continue Reading →

No reaction is the best reaction

Have you tried being silent amidst an argument? Did you try calming yourself despite the urge to retaliate? Often in life, You are carried away by the emotions of that moment. There is no time to gauge, if it's worth... Continue Reading →

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