Recently, I read an essay about building habits and anticipation of reaching the goals.

Here are two examples to examine.
” I will publish my best creative work ever”
” I will create my art daily ”

The above sentences sound almost similar because the intention is quite clear, which is to become successful in your ‘Art’. Though there is nothing complicated in deciphering these two sentences, the outcomes are starkly different in each case.

As I understand this, I would like to share my perspective here, hoping that it would help artists like me.

Let’s decode the first sentence;

It is an accounted dream. It is so rewarding in saying it, because it already puts you in that happy spot, without actually doing anything. You have jumped from point A to Point B, without traversing the path. By doing this, you have tuned into the mindset of the accomplished. You missed the key thing, the journey ‘The process of becoming’. As you have already reached your goal mentally, your mind understands that it doesn’t need to act anymore. It likes to bask in it’s unearned and unreal success. Give the mind something to work else it will wander in fields of weed.

Now let’s see the second sentence;

Creating your work every day is a promising and soulful ritual. It needs the discipline to do it. You make yourself available for your artistic undertakings, each day and every day. Your attendance and mindful presence count through the process. A house is built not by wishing for it; brick by brick is how it’s done. Your artistic installments are similar to a brick. Lay them well, to build your dream mansion. This affirmation of yours, to create your work daily drives you towards the goal organically. You are now responsible for your creative output and not the results. It is inevitable that consistent creative works beget its deserving success in time. You can experience a deep sense of satisfaction by trusting the process. Try it and enjoy your work rather than being anxious about success.

Create a process and take asylum in it. There is a joy in creating a process and sticking to it.  Business corporations create various processes for all its departments. This is the key to an efficient and smooth running company. Such is the importance of the process.

The concept of process holds true for achieving any dream, creative or otherwise. If you wish to achieve something, earn it by actually building a habit of doing and organically achieving success.