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Obstacles in life

Are we blessed to have a life? or Is it a rigorous imposition by a superior force? Every person has some problem or the other to deal with. This phase of a problem doesn't end in a day or two.... Continue Reading →

Nothing to Everything

Life can seem rude to you when all you could be needing that moment, is a pinch of love. You don't know what would happen in the near future. Just pondering over the path, you are treading on. The overwhelming... Continue Reading →

Fear of success

This can not be true, Isn't it? It does not make any sense? How can anyone be fearful of success? Because everyone loves to have success in their lives. During times of failure, we crave for that one good opportunity... Continue Reading →

Tough things first

Every day you wake up to a new day, oblivious to the challenges that arise that day. Life is so continuous that this is the scene of every single day. It has nothing to do with our wish or will.... Continue Reading →

The art of negative thinking

How does thinking negatively about a thing, become an art? It might be a weird concept at least for some of us. It's one of the core concepts of stoic philosophy. Our ancestors have invented timeless strategies for a better... Continue Reading →

A better person, A better life

We are busy in the hustle bustle of life. That's the drama of life. We do not realize that everyone is an actor in his or her lives. We are consumed by the whole phenomenon of life. During some moments, we... Continue Reading →

Mystery of Life

We can all agree on one thing, that life is a mystery. We do not know, how would it unfold with time. Right? Does knowing it, help us or not knowing does? I feel that this mystery is the reason... Continue Reading →

Library – The paradise of books

What do you feel about your city library? Do you like reading books and spending time in the library? Being surrounded by a sea of knowledge feels like heaven. The promise of knowledge is always kept. A place away from... Continue Reading →

Be your own Boss

In the movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness', there is a beautiful conversation between Chris and his son, “Don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People... Continue Reading →

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