Not everything will happen as we plan, though we very much want it to be so. Chanting that everything is positive doesn’t make it fail proof. We plan something, start working on it and become obsessed with its success and positive outcomes.

“What should we do if something goes wrong ? is a question avoided by many people. Because the thought of possible failure is unnerving. We may be totally consumed with the greatness of the initiative at hand. Well, it’s not entirely wrong because we need to believe in the work we do. Being aware of our blind spots is not a loser’s thought. Fancying around success-only thoughts is not advisable because it’s not practical.

Look at your work or project. Brainstorm all the scenarios where it can possibly go wrong. Note down all of them. Realistically work out the appropriate solutions. If you don’t have any idea of dealing with those problems, look out and seek help from the experts. By doing this exercise, you will be well prepared for any arrow in the battle, which would have been otherwise unexpected.

Positive thinking is not the panacea for all problems. Dry grass will not turn green with positive thinking, watering does. Positive thinking backed by action creates empowerment. That is what we all need, empowered thinking.

Accept positive and negative ideas equally, analyze and adapt. Foreseeing negative scenarios does not make a person a ‘Pessimist’. Dwelling completely in the darkness of negative thoughts of life makes us a pessimist. After all, Pessimism has a positive side too. We could be that person who agrees with this view.

In IT projects, during the project life cycle, all risks are identified and a course of action is determined to either eliminate or mitigate the risk. Otherwise, it would be quite impossible to deal with risks at the eleventh hour. The success of the project lies in overall planning and risk management.

We learn to deal with life at various levels, only to prepare ourselves to live a meaningful life and fulfill the purpose of our lives. By being prepared, we will not be weathered down by troubles.

“Nothing happens to the wise man against his expectation” – SENECA