We are expected to learn from the mistakes in our lives and make effort to not repeat such. As simple as it sounds, it is not often practiced. We very much want to examine the lapse and understand it. Probably we don’t know how to do that.

Due to a busy life, a load of emotions linked to the incident, or any other reason or excuse, we do not put our errors to best use. Life throws various opportunities to use but many of us lack the skills to harness the power of these bitter lessons.

In our lifetime, how many mistakes can we ever commit? and how is our life learning curve expected to be? No matter, how fast we try to screw up in life, we would only get a bunch of lessons from these mishaps we experience.

Such a short life and incomprehensible is the mystery of life at hand, and just enough wisdom is what we all need to tackle it. Not only should we learn from our mistakes, we should watch around us and the world in general, to learn and equip ourselves. Life is short, we don’t have the privilege to experience every possible failure or mishap to occur in our lives and only then learn from these episodes. Adopt an attitude to understand these lessons of life, though occurring in others lives as your own. Because wisdom is always present for anyone to identify and take it.

Elon Musk at SpaceX planned to build a rocket with a less budget and no prior experience. He and his team watched the launches of the US and Soviet space ventures and  especially their disasters in Youtube . These disasters are too costly to afford. SpaceX did not allow these problems to arise in their planned space venture, and chose to learn from the past works of others. The team gained a lot of practical knowledge which was crucial for building its Space rocket, The Falcon.

There is no hard rule that one has to learn from their own mistakes, a mistake is a mistake regardless of the person who commits it. Let’s help the people who are in trouble or going through any mishappening in life. This way, we not only get to be kind to our fellow human beings but also get an opportunity to learn a lesson of life. Strangely, all this wisdom is absolutely free of cost, you just need to be open-minded to know.