We judge others often than ourselves, which should be the other way around. The person who judges others tries to find flaws in every other person except himself.

As a person, You evolve through each and every moment in life. Though you do not see this happening in time, you will do eventually. How are you as a person? and How would you like to be a better person?

Life is a unique progression and how you transform yourself in the realm of life is the key. If you would like to see a better world, you have a chance to experience it. It begins with you. It is not impossible to do so. It needs a simple discipline and the will to become a better person.

Watch your words
You are free to speak but try to speak well. Do not wield words as a sword, injuring the other person. Nobody deserves such a mean treatment including yourself. Explore the beauty of words, and use them with enough kindness and compassion. Bring peace and harmony by using beautiful words with true intentions.

Control your emotions
Not all emotions are born equal. Do not let these rule you. They differentiate your situations based on the experience you are undergoing. These emotions gently remind you of your mortality, a unique ability to be human and Not a machine. Be grateful for being a human and enjoy this gift. An overdose of any emotion is harmful.

Know your flaws
There is no person without flaws. Non-acceptance of this fact is a flaw in itself. There are people who parade others flaws and humiliate them while they are equally flawed. Pinpointing others will lead to ill feelings and negativity. Focussing on your flaws and trying to work on them will make you a better person.

Inspire from your failures
Failures are the inevitable part of life. The sooner we understand, the better we get. We learn many things from a failure than from a success. Success is a journey which should be consistent and enjoyable. Failure should not be isolated as an undesirable outcome. Be open to both. Turn failures into an advantage and build a meaningful life.

Learn your lessons in life
As long as we keep repeating the same mistakes, we encounter those tricky situations again and again. When faced with such an adversity, welcome the hard lessons of life with cheerfulness. Those seemingly hard lessons will actually make your life better in a way you never thought. Trust the drama of life, for it helps you evolve.

Moderate your reactions
Anything happening in this world is either an action or reaction. It is a series of actions and reactions. In reality, you might not know the reason behind your response. Watch yourself and train to be the one you wish to be. Enthusiasm is a beautiful quality a person can have. Employ it for your benefit and let it not be misunderstood for naivety.