“When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

We experience hard times and unforeseen circumstances all the time. It is part of life. Being happy is not the absence of problems. It is tuning our mindset to be normal despite problems. Crests and troughs are part of the wave, called life. We look for hope when nothing is predictable.

When you are experiencing a tough and seemingly impossible challenge, do not feel beaten or cursed. Try looking at it for what it is. Do not let your impulse blind you from seeing the truth behind the problem. An angel called ‘Hope’ helps you see the ‘Sun’ behind the clouds.

Hope is when you feel like an utter failure for the rest of your life or like a dead person. Nothing to be seen in the vicinity, no help coming your way. It is natural to get angry with yourself, teary and defeated. All is not done yet. Remember ‘Hope’. It’s a good technique to keep your sanity. It is pointless to become your worst enemy. It’s just an unexpected speed bump in life, metaphorically. Hope diverts your mind from worrying about the unknown consequences of the problem to the path towards exploring solutions. It gently says to you ” All will be well”.

Generally, Your mind outreasons every positive thought and doesn’t budge easily. When such mind says that you are ruined, ‘Hope’ says that You shall rise. Hope doesn’t need a reason to justify itself. It’s just born out of one’s optimism. The mind does not believe what it doesn’t see but hope anticipates well when everything else has gone wrong. That’s the kind of power which hope instills in you. It reminds you that this is just a hurdle in the marathon of life. You shall get over it and you will prevail.

Develop compassion, and generosity so that you can act in your best interests and not against yourself. See hope as a friend who has come to your aid. Hope is that invisible thread when held, will help you through any tumultuous journey. Though you cannot see it , Hope covers you at all times.