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7 Simple ways to better health

Never start your day with a beverage Instead start with a fruit or breakfast. As we rise to a beautiful morning, welcome your day with a fruit. Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water before or after you brush your teeth.... Continue Reading →

The Mighty Sweet Potato

In today's age, Sweet potato is not considered one of the popular foods and wrongly misunderstood as a fattening food. Most of the grocery shoppers avoid the carbs aisle. Fitness enthusiasts misunderstand the power of these so-called high carb foods. If one... Continue Reading →

5 ways to cut down sugar

We know that Sugar is derived from the sugarcane plant. Though the source is natural, sugar is extracted by a man-made process. Originally sugar was not bad, over the time, too much sugar consumption has led to its unpopularity. Raw... Continue Reading →

Has sleep become your ‘Dream’ ?

Has sleep become your dream? Have you failed in fulfilling your sleep dream? It's a tough task to put a restless soul to sleep. One of the important restorative functions of the biological system is sleep. In this generation of devices... Continue Reading →

Can’t Meditate ?

It is one of the most misunderstood  phenomenon , almost labeled as an impossible task. People think that meditation is the absence of thoughts. In an attempt to avoid thoughts, we are lost in a chain of thoughts.  Odyssey to the... Continue Reading →

The Blessing of a Coconut

Coconut is a  pure super food , with mono saturated fat, which has countless health benefits. In South Asia , especially India, Coconut is considered a divine food. Among Hindu population , Coconut is an integral part of their culture.... Continue Reading →

Digital Detox

Who doesn't know the term 'Detox'. I guess ,it's the trendiest health word known to people. Digital detox is very effective than a body detox. I have pondered a lot over these detox programs, which claim of improving health. These may... Continue Reading →

5 ways to exercise better

Effective exercising is better than just random exercising. To reach your health goals , you need to plan your exercise regimen. Keep in mind, the short term goals and long term goals. Unreasonable body goals steal the charm of exercising. Never... Continue Reading →

5 Best ways to manage stress

Stress is being stressed upon too much. Why does one experience stress anyway? Stress has become a common term in all age groups. Stress is anything which causes worry, anxiety or dilemma. Stress is most of the times trying to deal... Continue Reading →

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