Have you tried being silent amidst an argument? Did you try calming yourself despite the urge to retaliate?

Often in life, You are carried away by the emotions of that moment. There is no time to gauge, if it’s worth your energy. Life, though an illusion, manages to look incredibly real. Reacting to every situation, turn and twist in life is tiring and unintelligent.

When confronted by a troublesome person or finding yourself in an unavoidable argument, pause and see if your reaction is necessary. Your silence might be just enough as counteraction/reaction. Silence is a ruthless reaction to most situations. The absence of words not only creates a calm environment , where each person gets space to double-check their views/stand. Give the other person a chance to feel sorry. Become the bigger person and set an example for people to follow you.

Life is so much beyond these mere interpersonal wars. A war of words is good for none. It leaves both sides injured and hurt. The victory is never a real one. Can you hold sand in your fist and retain every grain of sand?

We face many instances where you become a victim of criticism, sarcasm, people’s opinions etc. These instances can make you feel quite lonely and left out. Nobody likes to be mistreated and feel friendless. These circumstances are not in your control but your reaction is. Rather than giving into the temptation of instant anger or reaction, adopt a balanced attitude. It feels difficult at first but as you go along, you will feel remarkably mature and undisturbed.

Watch your opponents go crazy with your silent reaction. Not every battle is worth winning and most importantly silence trumps them all. Silence is effective because you cannot possibly say everything you wish to. By not saying anything, You can mean all of it, literally without uttering a single word. Let your cool steal the show and leave your opponents speechless.