Photo by Sahil Mehta on Unsplash

Writer’s block, not at all a fun challenge to accept. We inevitably meet our nemesis at one time or another.

Writer’s block is as old as the world. Not only writers, every artist in one way or the other experiences this problem.

A white monster coldly stares at you and you unwillingly feel frozen. You struggle with self. Writing just a few right words becomes a battle.

This is the time when creativity is in self-doubt, it sounds cryptic to you and wondering what can be probably done to deal with it.

What are we even looking at? Darkness is scary, not because of the absence of light, because of imagining too many things which are not actually there. In the light, it’s all plain sight but in darkness its all the crazy imagination of the mind.

A blank page is such a nasty critic, throwing all kinds of random thoughts at you, mocking your ability to write. You got to take over, to prove yourself. Go through it, just as a train would move through a rocky tunnel, it will pass eventually.

Being well read doesn’t help in overcoming this situation. Not always. Too many ideas, not a single idea comes to your rescue. How to elaborate on the chosen idea? How to blend your creativity and thoughts to deliver a meaningful piece.

Below are a few ways to overcome it.

  1. Listen to calming instrumental music to tone down the noise in your mind.
  2. Take a walk. watch the nature, breath deeply and just be there mindfully. The beautiful sights around you invoke happy feelings and in some way inspire you to write.
  3. Recap your day and look for moments which made you think or feel about something, which would then serve as a writing prompt.
  4. Pick up your favorite book or any book available. There is no literary resource that fails to provide inspiration.
  5. watch a movie or Tv series that’s worth your time. Any genre is worth your time.
  6. Visit your nearest library for browsing new books. It is a treasure trove of inspiration.

Creating your work every day consistently is the key, not only for writers but also for every artist.

If you cannot be your best version at a specific time , pause and meditate for a fresher state of mind. Do not give deadlines to yourself. The imposed urgency does not make you any better, it burdens your creative spirit. Relax your mind. Art is a lot like freehand drawing, it cannot be expedited. Being totally involved is the only way to do justice to it. Hence, don’t rush your art.

Trust yourself. Believe in your art and know that you are capable of creating good art.