Audiobooks are trending, for years now. When I first heard this term, I did not know what to expect.  It is a book in the format of an audio file read to the listener.

A technology of this kind will be welcomed by everyone, especially the book lovers, as they need a lot of resources to feed their bibliophilia. It is not always possible to carry a book, though a book lover very much likes to do so.  Kindle and other ebook devices have greatly transformed the age-old tradition of physical books into a digital platform with Ebooks. They have made it possible to carry hundreds of books in an unbelievably thin device. It has proved to be an innovative solution for the book world. Availability of Ebooks has led to the increased accessibility of books and also offered a wide range of choice. Incredible times for the new generation readers!!

The next step is the audiobooks.  There were tapes and recordings of lessons before but they were not portable. On the other hand, Audiobooks can go wherever your mobile phone goes, once downloaded there is no need for wifi as well.

Currently, audiobooks are the music of my life. Companion of my long walks, a cardio buddy at the gym and my knowledge ‘Overdrive’ on the go.

What I like about audiobooks is

1) We all agree that a written word is powerful than an oral word. How about an oral rendition of this written word? Don’t you agree that it’s equally powerful, if not more?  To a reader, it gives a fresh feeling to listen to the word and sense the emotion of the words. Audiobooks create a multidimensional experience for the readers. This audio experience makes it engaging and compelling.

2) We can play it any speed which we prefer; slow, moderate or fast. Depending on your leisure, tune into your phone for a knowledgeable voice. Listening to these voices is far better than talking to someone. You can educate yourself anywhere and at any time.

3)  Listening to books gives you a closer feel as if the author is literally speaking to you. You would very much like it if the author( or any person) narrates to you the story or the subject. It resembles the old school way, where a teacher teaches you.  Keep listening to establish a mental connection with the book. When you read a book, you visually bond with the words but with audio, it feels new and lively.

4)  A Portable library at the tip of your finger
You can have a bunch of books for all your long walks and hikes.  It’s the perfect companion for the lone runner in the woods. You are just ‘Overdrive’. The choice of these books is unlimited. If you have a library membership, all the audiobooks are free to borrow. You could also use apps like audible and listen to audiobooks for a minimal fee.

5) You can practically listen to any book, anytime and anywhere. This helps you to listen and complete as many books as you wish. The Audiobook drives you, creating a surreal experience.  ‘Walk the book and book the walk’.