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The Ultimate Portland -The Iconic Mount Hood

The Mount Hood, also called WyEast by the local Multnomah tribe, is the highest mountain in Oregon. It is originally a composite volcano, located between the clackamas and hood river counties. Mount Hood carries the tag of highest altitude zip... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Portland – Columbia River Gorge – Part 3

Wahkeena falls, Just before reaching Multnomah falls, there are Wahkeena falls and trails. It is great for hike looping as there are few trails which offer hike to the Multnomah falls on the east of it. The word Wahkeena means most... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Portland – Columbia River Gorge – Part 2

Let's start our day with Oneonta Gorge trail Next on US-30 after Multnomah falls , is the oneonta trail head and oneonta gorge trail. You will be in disbelief to hike such trail.  I have never seen such a trail in... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Portland – Columbia River Gorge

Welcome to the City of  Roses - Portland, Oregon, and the largest city in Oregon state. A port city located in the pacific northwest on the Willamette valley region. Portland has exquisite natural attractions, rivers, waterfalls, hikes, trails , forest parks ,... Continue Reading →

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