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Why not Day-Dream?

Day dreaming ?? Nahhh? Not so fun! Really ? I observed that people who like to day dream are often seen as lazy persons , who are not capable of leading successful lives. Well that’s a very narrow minded way... Continue Reading →

Fear is your friend

Stop right there , when you hear this most unwelcomed word. Rethink what you actually know about fear. How many times have you stepped back on an encounter with this disguised friend. For a moment, forget your definition of fear and... Continue Reading →

Myth of Perfection

Can anyone ever be perfect? Are we immune to mistakes? Is it realistic to chase perfection? All these questions run in my mind. I seek answers to these. In the book 'Outliers' , Author Malcolm Gladwell explains the secrets of people who... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Portland -The Iconic Mount Hood

The Mount Hood, also called WyEast by the local Multnomah tribe, is the highest mountain in Oregon. It is originally a composite volcano, located between the clackamas and hood river counties. Mount Hood carries the tag of highest altitude zip... Continue Reading →

Passion of the Soul

You are a soul with a passion, when you were born into this world. In the chaos of life, You grow up , which was not that easy. You become an adult and You don't know what you are supposed... Continue Reading →

Digital Detox

Who doesn't know the term 'Detox'. I guess ,it's the trendiest health word known to people. Digital detox is very effective than a body detox. I have pondered a lot over these detox programs, which claim of improving health. These may... Continue Reading →

Honesty is the best policy

To lie is easy , easier than saying the truth. Whenever we lie , we are spoiling the beauty of our inner sanctity. We cannot see this immediately though. We experience the effects of it later some day in the... Continue Reading →

Why do we need goals?

Not many of us know the importance of goals. It's about how efficiently , we succeed in doing things. Many questions bother us in our day to day life. Over a period of time , they accumulate into a quagmire of... Continue Reading →

5 ways to exercise better

Effective exercising is better than just random exercising. To reach your health goals , you need to plan your exercise regimen. Keep in mind, the short term goals and long term goals. Unreasonable body goals steal the charm of exercising. Never... Continue Reading →

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