Effective exercising is better than just random exercising. To reach your health goals , you need to plan your exercise regimen. Keep in mind, the short term goals and long term goals. Unreasonable body goals steal the charm of exercising. Never chase an immediate goal , for instance , losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks etc. Such unrealistic goals disappoint  you. Focus on the art of working out,  get better.

The results should chase you and not the other way around. As you begin to exercise better, you can feel your healthy self.

1. Eat a Pre work out snack

Many people rush to the gyms on an empty stomach and assume that it helps in burning fat.That’s not true. Eating a Pre-work out snack helps you in using the body fat for work out.

2. Post work out snack

After your work out , the body is sweaty and exhausted. It needs to be re-hydrated and energized with a protein shake or a solid fruit like banana. It’s always ideal to have it in the 15 to 20 min after the work out. This is also the ideal time to pop in your multivitamins.

3. Understanding body’s metabolism

Most of us do not understand metabolism properly. For every gadget , we learn its functions from the user manual. That’s the best way to get hands on the product. similarly, its essential to know your body and understand it . Please do not read crash diets, so called popular diets etc. It’s advisable to follow authentic sources to understand your body better. With the right knowledge , you are all set to rock your life.

4. Right mix of cardio and strength training

I have seen people chasing treadmills/elliptical machines like crazy to quickly lose weight. This is an unscientific way. Many of them are intimidated with strength training especially women. Cardio has been branded as the only safe haven for women to lose weight. This is so not true. Cardio may be help us lose some weight but it is not a sustainable one. If one combines it with strength training, one can experience a healthy weight loss and build lean muscle. If you are new to strength training, it is advisable to hire a personal trainer or follow standard resources online.

5. Do not over – exercise

Many of us overexercise in the rush of the reaching goals quickly. Over-exercising will take toll on the body’s energy levels. It is indirect way of  programming your body for extended hours to become fit. Effectiveness of exercising is important. Listen to your body and do not over strain your body. Too much of anything is not good.

Good diet is the catalyst in this process. Do not chase the weight scale else it will kill your motivation to exercise. Good results will come in time, make sure that you do not overthink your goals, just be mindful and enjoy the workouts.

“Reading is to the mind , what exercise is to the body”   – Joseph Addison