Who doesn’t know the term ‘Detox’. I guess ,it’s the trendiest health word known to people. Digital detox is very effective than a body detox.

I have pondered a lot over these detox programs, which claim of improving health. These may be work but there is something inherently wrong with the modern day rush life. Detox at mind level is more important than just the physical detox.

In the name of communication and technology, people have been denied their mindfulness. From dawn to dusk, every tiny task is done using a gadget , it has become an eternal companion. What’s the charm in living like a robot. How hard is it to not hold the cell phone for 15 min at the least? are  mobile phones a cure or a curse.

There are few ways to achieve digital detox,

  1. One can keep away the phone , to listen to a real person’s voice.
  2. How about a real sport instead of games on the phone?
  3. Instead of tweeting, how about listening to a real bird and enjoying its beautiful company.
  4. When you visit a place, instead of clicking too many pictures, allow yourself to see the view and be there mindfully.
  5. Instead of shopping online, walk to a store and feel the merchandise with your own hands.
  6. How about writing a personal letter over an email message.
  7. Leave all you gadgets at home and go for a long run, nothing else matters.

If we can do few of the above , few times a month to start with, you can feel the charm of an unhurried life . I’m not against this digital revolution, Indeed I love the advancement of mankind. Just that life is too mechanical and lacking quality. Are we the master of Science or a slave? We should trade our attention for something better and not the worse.

In this ‘chase-the-technology’ race, we forgot the quest for higher thinking and holistic life. we are enjoying the success of technology and are too busy to identify ourselves. We may belong to the bitcoin generation but the roots of us lie deep within. Look to it for the real you. Please cherish your ‘Soulful memories’, which are far superior than digital memories.