Stress is being stressed upon too much. Why does one experience stress anyway? Stress has become a common term in all age groups. Stress is anything which causes worry, anxiety or dilemma.

Stress is most of the times trying to deal with unknown. We cannot control everything in our life. Try not think of how things will manifest in your life. Let the universe do its work ; You should focus on your work without anticipating the results.

Deep breathing
Breathing is the only activity which doesn’t require any thought and we forget to use this free and powerful body function optimally. Basic deep breathing practices relieve the body and mind from stress ; simple yet powerful.

when feeling worn out or pointless at the moment , just drop your thinking right there and resign yourself to a workout session or a long run. The body releases endorphins while you exercise, making you feel better. Exercise never disappoints you and it promises you an instant reset. Develop a habit of exercising at least for 30 min per day to increase the quality of your life.

Write down everything
When you have too much on your plate, you feel confused and anxious. The fear of not being able to manage your work lets you down. It’s time to figure out a plan. Release your emotional baggage on to a paper and know that its just a temporary side effect. Try seeing the real work items which need your attention.This ritual will help you erase the unnecessary items off of your mind- board. Approach each item one by one.

Drink water
This may gazillionth time you heard someone say about drinking water. Everybody knows it but only few remember to do. Keep a water bottle handy all the time wherever you go, Keep sipping water and stay cool, seasonal refreshing drinks are enjoyable too.

Speak to friends who have balanced minds
There are times where we have the urge to say it all out and seek empathy or help. Talking about our stress with friends who are balanced can be of great help. You would want to allay your fears, not complicating. Talking to the wrong person further increases your stress. You do not want to be a victim of your own data. It’s better to be alone than being in wrong company.  A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

Funny Fact : ” Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts !!” – Loretta Laroche