Never start your day with a beverage

Instead start with a fruit or breakfast. As we rise to a beautiful morning, welcome your day with a fruit. Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water before or after you brush your teeth. It’s good to start with solid food. Most people prefer hot beverages like coffee, tea etc. just because they like the feeling of hot drink to warm up their throat. In reality, hot beverages are said to increase blood pressure, when taken on an empty stomach. Hence it’s a good habit to eat a fruit as Pre-breakfast food. After 30 minutes or so, make yourself a simple homemade breakfast for an energetic day ahead.

Eat non-packaged food as much as possible

How hard is it to make ourselves a basic meal? Our elders attribute their good health to eating home made food. In today’s rush life, we forgot the art of home cooking and mistake it for a non-productive task. The quality of life can be enhanced; by eating at least 2 home cooked meals. You can gradually increase the frequency of cooking. Experiencing street food or other cuisines is fun occasionally. You will not regret this at all.

Include Probiotics in your diet

Yogurt and other related live cultured foods greatly enhance your gut health. Your digestion and overall metabolism will improve as a result of it. One can have yogurt in different forms, sweetened, salted or as refreshing beverage. Yogurt feels like a scoop of heaven, it is indeed. Please try it for sure.

Workout for a healthy mind and body

Modern day gyms have commercialized fitness industry, which is otherwise, supposed to be a personal journey. A sound mind resides in a sound body. Whatever your goal is, please plan to do any form of exercise that speaks to you. For instance, you may be a sports enthusiast, pick up your sport and go play. Perform warm up and stretching as needed. If the activity you choose is fun, chances are that you will stick to it for long. As you start feeling good with exercising, which surely does happen, your fitness goals will become more realistic and doable. Feel the charm of exercising and do not sweat too much in the name of working out. As you know, too much of anything is not good.

Be mindful in whatever you do

Doing anything with your full attention is the key to a satisfactory life. It is more than important to realize that we are missing the fun of being in the moment and enjoying the life moment after moment. These are the times, which encourage multi tasking; it’s hard to be mindful and slow down.  For example, try drinking water as if your life entirely depended on it. The habit of mindfulness grows slowly but surely. You can experience an improvement in the quality of your life.

Create relaxing ambience for a good sleep

Every well-spent day should end with a peaceful sleep. That is the perfect climax for your daylong hard work. Sleep in a room which is well ventilated and with all lights turned off (including bed lights). Put your cell phones in airplane mode so that you are set for an uninterrupted sleep. Once the darkness is set, a hormone called melatonin is released which promotes good sleep, restores our body functions and also regulates fat cells. All your day’s toil will earn its rewards with a good sleep.

Expose to morning’s sunlight for happy mind and body

These are the days of Vitamin D pills and drops. The potent benefits of sunlight are too many to list. Exposing to sunlight for at least 30 to 40 minutes can do wonders for your health. It improves hormonal health, beats anxiety/depression, metabolism, overall mind and bodily functions. Keep shining with the sunshine vitamin.