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Experiencing the moment

There is no right time to conceive a creative thought. You could be walking along a very regular sidewalk or doing grocery shopping or hiking a trail. You may see a normal sight of trees, grass, bushes, sand, rocks etc.... Continue Reading →

Love your sorrow

"Listening to and understanding our inner sufferings will resolve most of the problems we encounter" - Thich Nhat Hanh Recently, I have listened to an audiobook 'Fear: Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm' by Thich Nhat Hanh. It is a... Continue Reading →

Steal like an Artist

This work is authored by Austin Kleon. The unusual title and priceless concept is a rare combination. 'Steal like an artist' is one such book. I see Kleon's work as a creative artifact rather than a mere book. His ideas... Continue Reading →

Be a Lion

Lion, the king of the jungle, does not feel lonely; He feels powerful to be himself. He is not in majority. He does not have much company; He strolls around to find his prey and have some fun in the... Continue Reading →

Change is reality

Life is changing , times are changing , the earth is changing ; There is nothing which isn't changing. We have not been good at accepting changes as we do not see it's true potential. Change is anything that shifts... Continue Reading →

Art of saying ‘No’

Say Yes to a 'No'. Are you a people pleaser?? Eternally stuck in the trap of good manners? I believe that almost everyone faces this problem. Though they so much want to say No, they fail to do so. Whether... Continue Reading →

Plan your life

Many people lead life as life comes to them. Life is not seen as an opportunity because we were born before we even knew it. Life came to us just like that, hence we don’t understand the worth of it.... Continue Reading →

You can, If you think ‘You can’ 

Is it too cheesy to believe it? It sounds very simple but its a powerful one. We may have heard it from motivational speakers or in self help books or read it some where. We have never really paid attention to... Continue Reading →

To call yourself a writer

Anyone who desires to make writing their occupation , hesitates to call themselves a writer until they earn it. I personally had this confusion and I was not really ready to call myself a writer yet. if anyone asked me about... Continue Reading →

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