Say Yes to a ‘No’. Are you a people pleaser?? Eternally stuck in the trap of good manners?

I believe that almost everyone faces this problem. Though they so much want to say No, they fail to do so.

Whether it is professionally or personally, people cannot dare to say ‘No’. It is strange to know that such a simple word would be so tough to say. In such confusing circumstances, we use a simply opposite word ‘ Yes’. That’s where life becomes twisted.

Are you one of the below?

a) Easy customers to a persistent salesman; b) Readily fall into the trap of people with hidden agendas; c) Do most of the work in a team; d) Worried of people’s opinions on you; e) Regret later about the effects of your ‘Yes’

Saying ‘Yes’ is like a permanent solution to a temporary problem. All you have to do is to get through that embarrassing moment with little bit courage. Most of the times, it is the fear of a thought, ‘What if I say no’? What would they think of me? Would they be displeased? In reality, you should not try being in everybody’s good books. Your true value doesn’t change with a mere yes or no.  Judgmental people would continue being so and Your ‘Yes’ is just another meaningless word to such people. Please say yes or no, only if you mean it.  A false ‘Yes’ is insincere.

Just try ‘No’, you will feel liberated from the unknown fear and unwanted guilt. Life would be so much better to deal. You can be sure of a no nonsense life. This ‘No’ challenge is the first step to become fearless in life. Do not rat out imagining the consequences. Use diplomacy when needed but for most of the regular instances, a polite ‘No’ is just enough.  You will be surprised to see that people appreciate such courage because a phony yes is despicable.

If you adopt the art of saying ‘No’, I’m sure that you shall never say no to ‘NO’

Saying ‘No’ does not always show a lack of generosity and that saying ‘Yes’ is not always a virtue.” – Paulo Coelho