This work is authored by Austin Kleon. The unusual title and priceless concept is a rare combination. ‘Steal like an artist’ is one such book. I see Kleon’s work as a creative artifact rather than a mere book. His ideas are radically simple and thought-provoking.

I have read this book for the second time and couldn’t have been happier. You should read and own works like this, especially for referring during times of creative crunch.

His unconventional writing style, illustrations and easy to follow ideas are refreshing. It is power packed with wisdom, rich food for thought and imagination. Besides beautiful content, every idea felt worthy of its print.

When creative writing is done well, it can influence a large audience. You need not have a great idea for writing, it’s your approach that matters. That’s the power of great writing. Kleon’s writing is inspirational and enjoyable.

I recommend this book to all the book lovers and most importantly to every aspiring artist.