Lion, the king of the jungle, does not feel lonely; He feels powerful to be himself. He is not in majority. He does not have much company; He strolls around to find his prey and have some fun in the jungle. Unique people are lot like a lion.They are not accompanied by the sheepish majority and are branded everything except normal. Well, who is concerned about a sheepy comment. Lion prefers to be alone and who dares to poke a lion; if so, fall prey to the very lion.

There are many instances where creative people feel lost in their artistic journey. This feeling exists for a reason, harness it. The battle of delivering a satisfactory creative work, makes you feel lonely. It takes a brave heart to tune in and fulfill the job at hand. This is a good time to read and refer various resources , which can help you swim over the tide. You may seek a creative community, which can serve your interests, not a mere company to keep you entertained. You cannot estimate the loss of your time and energy in being a company seeker.

When alone, you have the privilege of working on your goals and ideas. Why spoil it for mere company?

Embrace the loneliness and listen to that silent music.  Exploit it for your creative projects. Sometimes , great works arise from such unexpected opportunities. Just as a lion concerns with himself and no other species, You got to focus on your ideas and not fear being different from the crowd.  The crowd must be having lot of fun than you. Do not be fooled by such shallow enjoyment.  When you dig into your creativity and unveil your artifacts, You experience the purest form of bliss and joy. You deserve such rich moments, filling you with contentment and happiness.

Courage is poorly housed that dwells in numbers; the lion never counts the herd that are about him, nor weighs how many flocks he has to scatter “Aaron Hill