Anyone who desires to make writing their occupation , hesitates to call themselves a writer until they earn it. I personally had this confusion and I was not really ready to call myself a writer yet. if anyone asked me about my hobbies, I used to list writing as one of my interests. Not all could understand what I felt except my family and few friends.

When I had some leisure to introspect , I realized that I have to do something to get started with writing. I created a blog where I started to post my life stories occasionally. I did not get strong vibes from my writing , though my family and friends liked it. Positive comments from my friends cheered me up. I began to feel writer-ish.

Later I stumbled upon Jeff Goin’s blog. His writing inspired me to take writing seriously. I browsed for various writing resources and inspiration in the web. I have signed up for Jeff goin’s Tribe writers course which clarified all of my questions and doubts. This course helped me a lot in seeing myself as a writer. He mentioned a phrase which resonated with me and many people like me which is “ To be a writer, start calling yourself a writer first”. This felt strange in the beginning but it grew on me. This truth solidified my desire to write. This was the moment when I debuted into a writer’s role.

Every writer knows that they have a lot to give to the world. To do justice to the content you own , read regularly. I believe that great writing comes from deeply experiencing life, thereby reflecting your passion.

Through this blog , I’m living as a writer and paving my way to the fulfillment of my purpose.