There is no right time to conceive a creative thought. You could be walking along a very regular sidewalk or doing grocery shopping or hiking a trail. You may see a normal sight of trees, grass, bushes, sand, rocks etc. Right there lies your next inspiration. You would not imagine spotting inspiration in such unlikely places. Click a picture and enjoy it to your heart’s desire. Give it your undivided self as part of the experience.

It feels like life is so new every time, to explore new ideas and act on them. The so-called natural sights invoke philosophy and romance of life.

When I see such a regular sight in a new light, I feel that my soul has escaped briefly to experience the unknown. In any random moment, Have you ever felt that you don’t exist while your soul is on a brief mission? You can’t define that unaccountable moment. That precise moment of nothing is priceless.

We do not appreciate life for its charm. We pinpoint everything which has gone wrong or has caused pain. There is no rose without thorns.  Similarly, there is no life without challenges. We should learn to appreciate the allure of life despite the hardships.

Look around to discover and experience new dimensions of life. Everyone has a blessing in life, but not everyone is aware of it.  Make it count.