Life is changing , times are changing , the earth is changing ; There is nothing which isn’t changing.

We have not been good at accepting changes as we do not see it’s true potential. Change is anything that shifts our position from the current to something new , for good or bad. It depends on how you see it. The real challenge is that we do not know how to see it. Many moons later , when we try to connect the dots in our life backwards , we see how everything unfolded. We may or may not be glad for the happenings in our life but it’s  necessary.  It is the indicator of growth in life.

Try observing a water pond and a river , you will notice how different they are , even though they are both water bodies. A flowing river keeps changing all the time and is full of life but a pond of water is stagnant.

How to see change? Life is mysterious as you do not know how life approaches us. By the time, you understand the change and respond , the situation is long past. This is the scenario in most cases. You can only understand the underlying meaning , in retrospection. If you do post mortem analysis of your past hardships, you can uncover the nature of these and how it actually helped you to become better. Give it a grateful nod.

As you see ‘change’ in true light , you will not despise change anymore. You will be well armed to deal with any ‘change’.

Life is never the same, it’s the dynamic of life. Constancy in life is equivalent to death.
Use this force called ‘Change’. Channelize your energy optimally so that you can uncover new aspects of life. That’s how life becomes interesting and worth living.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change “   – Charles Darwin