Is it too cheesy to believe it? It sounds very simple but its a powerful one. We may have heard it from motivational speakers or in self help books or read it some where. We have never really paid attention to this. Did we?

I have listened to an audio book today “ The little engine that could”. I know it’s a children’s book. I read it in one of the books that this book inspired the author in his childhood. I grew curious to know the story of this little engine.

It’s a story of a blue engine despite being little , could do something which the bigger train engines could not do.  It pulls a stranded engine full of goodies for good boys and girls , over the mountain to the other side of it where all the good boys and girls live.  The little blue engine  volunteers to help and does not doubt it’s ability to do the job. It keeps on uttering “ I think I can “,“ I think I can” and successfully completes the task. Then it says , “ I thought I could”. This beautiful story shows us the charm of optimistic thinking , hard work and generosity.

Not only did I learn the above but I also experienced the profound joy of knowing the story.

You may not know what you are capable of and you can , if you think you can. You tend to doubt yourself before beginning to do a task. self judgement makes you miss the various experiences and lessons of life. It’s better to try and fail than to not attempt at all.

Then the little blue engine smiled and kept saying “I though I could “ , “ I thought I could”……