We are busy in the hustle bustle of life. That’s the drama of life. We do not realize that everyone is an actor in his or her lives. We are consumed by the whole phenomenon of life. 

During some moments, we may feel that we have to get out of the experience or forget it or control it. Unless we change things at a fundamental level, things cannot be any different. Sure, it is not easy to do. 

Life is very dynamic that we do not even think of making changes to the flow. We are ignorant of the fact that we can modify the underlying triggers to improve or alter the experiences in life. 

What we generally do is, seek a temporary escape from the present circumstances expecting a permanent or a different experience in the future. The change of location or vacation is the most commonly sought choice. If we can consciously look at our attitude, our faults, judgments, emotional stability, then we can understand that there is a wide scope for improvement. Nobody is perfect. Only when we change the roots of our actions, we can expect a different experience and thereby be the person we wish to be.

Traveling only helps us explore new places and enjoy new experiences but that won’t change the restlessness of our minds, in the fiction of this life. Enjoy traveling for what it is meant for but do not expect it to change one’s personalities. We remain the same, wherever we may go because the mind is not an auto-fix machine.

We may be an angry person or a lazy person or a whiny person or anything. The list is huge. We should watch the person inside us, and make the necessary changes. That’s when we will earn a befitting experience.

We lack the wisdom of knowing that all experiences originate from our mind and not from external factors. We are the captain of our ship. We have the power to steer well and in the right direction.

Lucius Seneca, a great stoic philosopher said ” Travel won’t make a better or saner man of you. For this, we must spend time in study and in the writings of wise men, to learn the truths that have emerged from their researches, and carry on the search of ourselves for the answers that have a not yet been discovered. This is the way to liberate the spirit that still needs to be rescued from its miserable state of slavery”