Are we blessed to have a life? or Is it a rigorous imposition by a superior force? Every person has some problem or the other to deal with. This phase of a problem doesn’t end in a day or two. It sometimes feels like being lost in a maze. Why do obstacles exist anyway? These sure look like unwelcome guests. How should you see these obstacles?

Follow the obstacle, See it for what it is. Don’t be blind to sob a river. What makes you different from the rest of the crowd is how different your problems are and your unique style of handling these hurdles. Bring glory to your life and stand as an example. This is possible with a consistent and regular practice of patience. It is one of the greatest virtues in life. Without this virtue, a human being shall be reduced to an inferior animal. To be able to see this truth is wisdom, which is rare. Life may look like a series of ups and downs with no apparent flat line. You may not be interested in dealing with these uncertainties in life; Try to see your personal growth as it will remind of your possible areas of improvement.

You will stop growing when everything is fine as a flat line. If your heartbeat is a straight line, you will lay flat dead. Your heart symbolizes that life is full of unpredictable curves. Embrace the rhythm of life.

Do not become tired of life’s strange methods. Play with all the balls which life throws at you. Emerge as a victorious player by staying cool and not running away from life. Life couldn’t have been fairer. Fun is in your mind, feel it every moment. Gear up for every challenge and surprise yourself with the trendiest version of ‘You’. With every discovered version of self, you will start loving the circumstances whatever kind these belong to. Go get your life!

 Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards                                                                                                                  ~~  Soren Kierkegaard