This can not be true, Isn’t it? It does not make any sense? How can anyone be fearful of success? Because everyone loves to have success in their lives.

During times of failure, we crave for that one good opportunity which can erase our bad history until then and put us on to the platform of success. That is the intensity with which we seek success. Fear of success is more common than we think. No person feels recognized until they establish their worth. This may sound like an outdated civilizational rule. Success makes us desirable in life.

On the road to success, we plan, contemplate and wonder how life transforms for good. Before we act, there is something that needs to be dealt with. We do not know it yet. The need for a final trigger to be ready for the battle ahead. The road to success is not smooth, a lot needs to be endured. This not-so-easy path may put us in doubt. Is it necessary to really adopt this plan and commit to it? What if we do it without much effort and succeed? Are we worth this success? This simple self-doubt feels very valid.

This doubt arises from the thoughts of not being able to sustain the success. Are we well prepared for everything that comes with success? We don’t like to overlooked by others who have already made it. We feel that we should gain knowledge of every little thing that this position of success entails. Strangely, that doesn’t help. These doubts will only prevent us from acting now. The further it is delayed, the tougher it gets for us. We are better than what we think of ourselves.

With a relaxed mind, visualize your goals, take an assertive step and experience true success. Do not let the anxiety take over your mind. Trust your ability to handle all situations. You will succeed in time.

That’s why Nike says,   “JUST DO IT”