What do you feel about your city library? Do you like reading books and spending time in the library?

Being surrounded by a sea of knowledge feels like heaven. The promise of knowledge is always kept. A place away from the hustle bustle of life.

Browsing through the many aisles of books, the surprise of finding a great book, the noise-free environment with people lost in search of books, people reading books in their coveted spots, the luxury of having every book to borrow feels amazing. The library with all the books available to you, you still cannot be happy despite such choice; It’s impossible to satisfy a hungry mind. You keep feeding your curious mind as long as it craves for words.

People who love to read books have the privilege of living through many experiences because books take the readers on journeys never embarked on before.

The key to the treasure house, the free library membership is like unveiling a pandora box. My city library is located on a lovely site where the lush green meets the city. The architecture of the library looks divine. Every time I visit the library, I cannot stop thinking about its magnificence.

A library is infinity under a roof” —Gail Carson Levine

There is a silent charm in the existence of a library. I feel like Athena every time I go to a library!! I walk around, looking for my next book ride. After an eventful experience, I return home with a load of books. This pile of books keeps me motivated until my next visit. These books lure me to get them and to be read, just like a child who would do anything to get his parents attention.

The meditation-like experience of reading books, the visual sight of pages, the magic of the written word, the gift of a new experience with each book are all a part of the experience of being in a library.

Don’t miss the wonderful experience of going to a library and getting enlightened.

“Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul.“—An inscription over the door of a Library at Thebes.