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Real Artists Don’t Starve – Book review

'Real Artists Don't Starve' is an exemplary work of an artist's path to self-discovery and creative fulfillment. The research that went into the writing of this book is incredible. It is full of great examples, propositions, anecdotes, and analysis. It... Continue Reading →

Trust the process

Recently, I read an essay about building habits and anticipation of reaching the goals. Here are two examples to examine. " I will publish my best creative work ever" " I will create my art daily " The above sentences... Continue Reading →

Steal like an Artist

This work is authored by Austin Kleon. The unusual title and priceless concept is a rare combination. 'Steal like an artist' is one such book. I see Kleon's work as a creative artifact rather than a mere book. His ideas... Continue Reading →

Be a Lion

Lion, the king of the jungle, does not feel lonely; He feels powerful to be himself. He is not in majority. He does not have much company; He strolls around to find his prey and have some fun in the... Continue Reading →

Why not Day-Dream?

Day dreaming ?? Nahhh? Not so fun! Really ? I observed that people who like to day dream are often seen as lazy persons , who are not capable of leading successful lives. Well that’s a very narrow minded way... Continue Reading →

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