Day dreaming ?? Nahhh? Not so fun! Really ?

I observed that people who like to day dream are often seen as lazy persons , who are not capable of leading successful lives. Well that’s a very narrow minded way to judge others.

As a kid , I have day dreamed a lot and still continue to do so. I take pride in saying that I have enjoyed all of it. Indeed I recommend young people to day dream. Some of my most creative ideas have taken birth during those times. I have preserved all those memories.

Day Dreaming is not being lazy ; It means your mind likes to imagine things which occur as result of your creative sub consciousness. Those day dreams may look like fantasy in imagination but they have good chance of being true one day , if those ideas are pursued well.

Children who look dreamy or absent minded during their day to day life are misunderstood for lacking concentration in studies.  In reality , they are creatively wandering in dreams , exploring new ideas and meditating . Who can guess, what these children are capable of ?

Generally , Children are being taught in our education system. This should not be the only way to educate. They are capable of acting on their own thoughts and create something innovative. This is possible only when we let them sneak in to their dreamy space. Do not crush their dreams in the typical rush of school routine. They deserve their personal time to channel their mental energy for something creative. Today’s inventions , discoveries , publications etc have all originated from someone’s day dreams.

Children grow well into tomorrow’s bright personalities with freedom to see their future and to be able to fulfill their dreams.  This would be the greatest gift , one can give to their children.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world – Oscar Wilde