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Library – The paradise of books

What do you feel about your city library? Do you like reading books and spending time in the library? Being surrounded by a sea of knowledge feels like heaven. The promise of knowledge is always kept. A place away from... Continue Reading →

Real Artists Don’t Starve – Book review

'Real Artists Don't Starve' is an exemplary work of an artist's path to self-discovery and creative fulfillment. The research that went into the writing of this book is incredible. It is full of great examples, propositions, anecdotes, and analysis. It... Continue Reading →

How Audiobooks changed my reading

Audiobooks are trending, for years now. When I first heard this term, I did not know what to expect.¬† It is a book in the format of an audio¬†file read to the listener. A technology of this kind will be... Continue Reading →

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