Stop right there , when you hear this most unwelcomed word. Rethink what you actually know about fear. How many times have you stepped back on an encounter with this disguised friend.

For a moment, forget your definition of fear and see it as a brand new term , you came across today. How would you like to define it as if you are coining this word first time ever.

All our life , We have been programmed to avoid doing things which we are afraid of. Practically many beautiful experiences are waiting for us on the other side of this wall called ‘Fear’.

Human mind is complex. For you to try a new thing,  mind doesn’t readily approve this new idea. It reacts by coming forward with a bunch of questions. It tries to keep you in comfort zone all the time. Because that’s what the mind likes to be at. This feeling of comfort does not easily allow you to feel new experiences.

When you are in fear, ask yourself a simple question , “What can  I do with it”. Reason yourself and know that it’s a natural mind defense telling you not to do something. Breath deeply and calm your fearing self. Please do not sit exercising your over reactive mind , until it steals you. Understand that everyone feels nervous and are scared to try new things. Step forward and Just do it (The ‘Nike’ way )

Right after your experience, look at how different you feel. Though it’s ‘ out of your comfort zone’ , you surely got something new to try. You shall surprisingly feel relieved of an unknown burden. Make your way through all the fears you possibly have and feel the splash of a refreshing experience each time. There is always a gift waiting for you to claim.

Hellen Keller said “Face your sun ; All your shadows will fall behind you”