One has to write and not worry about how its turning out to be. In the process of being perfect, the charm of writing is missed. There is no writer who writes just one draft and calls its a published post.

Firstly draw all your thoughts and ideas relevant to the post in a draft. At this point , do not worry about the number of paragraphs, the sequence , the style of it and the feel of the post etc. Keep writing. Let  yourself fully  reveal on the page, unrestrained.

Write until all your relevant content is before your eyes. Now rearrange, trim, move, add quotes or anecdotes, supporting stories etc – all this as part of editing. It is said that great writing is mostly great editing. Keep editing until your post sounds like poetry and its not just a bare draft anymore. The editor inside you assumes the role to transform this bare draft into a complete blog post.

Develop the habit of reading something daily, to recharge your mind.  It’s important to feed the creative mind. Keep doing this every day , every single day. This is the secret to great writing. You will know it, when you become one, soon!