Wahkeena falls, Just before reaching Multnomah falls, there are Wahkeena falls and trails. It is great for hike looping as there are few trails which offer hike to the Multnomah falls on the east of it. The word Wahkeena means most beautiful in Japanese. It’s a good picnic spot and also used for hosting wedding events/parties on a reservation.

This location feels cozy like being in nature’s scenery. Visit Wahkeena falls, for a beautiful hiking experience. Wahkeena trail,  is a 2.8 miles trail which has good scenic spots on its path, the fairy falls etc. It also connects with other trails like vista house and angel’s rest trail etc. The hike can be very steep and dangerous in few patches of this trail, and even during icy conditions, this trail is open. Take all precautions before planning your hike.

George Joseph State Park – This is a natural forest reserve which is near the upper Latourell falls. This area is rarely visited as it can be reached through the trails from Latourell falls and Guy w. Talbot Park. It has dense stands of timber and unique greens like sword fern, moss, lichen etc.

In Troutdale, on the way to Corbett, there is a state park called Dabney state recreation park which is an ideal spot for BBQing, hiking, picnicking, swimming, disc golfing, fishing, boat ramp etc.

It is shady, unhurried kind of location with a lot of people hanging out in summer months esp., parties are also hosted here for moderate size gatherings. The stark street bridge is near to this spot.

From the sandy river bridge, as we take left on US- 30, we reach the famous Lewis and Clark state recreation park. Here the sandy river finds a way into the mighty Columbia River. It is evident that this state park has been named for honoring the unforgettable and the legendary Lewis and Clark. This is the location where Lewis and Clark camped in Nov 1805 during their discovery expedition. It must have been a great feeling to discover this amazing state Oregon. My tribute to these great personalities.

[For more interesting information on Lewis and Clark, please refer to their expedition documentation between May 1804 – Sep 1806]

One can hike the trails, swim in the sandy river, enjoy a family picnic, do fishing, public boat launch. It is a pleasant location for people who would like to spend a long day of leisure. Do not miss this scenic spot.

Sandy River delta park, it’s on I 84 W, is a multi-use recreation park with 5 trails, open for horseback riding, biking, hiking etc. Hunting is allowed too. we can see the planes hovering over us while we hiked in this park. There is a lot of parking space. We relaxed here and also took a hike. keep your maps with you in case you get too far from your car.

The mighty Columbia river waters are shared between Washington and Oregon. There are many state parks on the side of Washington state.

Rooster state park on the side of I-84 W, this is a park which offers a wide variety of activities to do. It’s a must visit park in spring and summers. It is a perfect carved out location for a multitude of activities like hiking, walking on the beach, windsurfing, swimming, fishing, boat ramp, disc golfing, picnicking etc. This spot is nestled between the Columbia River and the I 84 west. There is also a rooster rock park in the vicinity and the trails are very enjoyable. You can get the comfort of home and the fun of being out. Falls colors are particularly beautiful in this park. Don’t miss the colors of life. This is an ideal location to hang out with family and friends.

Bonneville state park , A major man-made landmark on the Columbia river gorge is the Bonneville Lock and Dam. It is located in the Bonneville state park adjacent to I-84 West. It is situated between the cascades island and Bradford island on the Lake Bonneville. It was constructed to provide hydroelectricity and river navigation to the pacific northwest region. It was built and managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The Bonneville lock in 1938 was known for its record size. Bonneville dam stands as an epitome of Pacific NW history. Bonneville lock and dam, since the beginning of its construction in 1934, provided huge economic benefits to this area. Despite the post-depression times, the dam construction has been successfully taken up and completed.


There are many recreations sites around this lock and dam. The US army corps of engineers is the largest provider of outdoor recreation in the nation. The construction of Bonneville lock and dam has created a huge ecosystem which allows power generation for pacific NW region , Columbia river flood control , navigation and irrigation.  Bonneville is the named after the army captain Benjamin Bonneville.

Bradford island visitor center , This is the visitor center in Oregon .There are exhibits of aquatic life, views of migrating fish in Columbian waters, cultural and historic significance of this region and gallery displaying the history of the Bonneville power dam and various artifacts. There is a rooftop observatory deck to view the sprawling Columbia river gorge . The staff and volunteers are very cordial and helpful.

Washington Shore Visitor center, This is the visitor center in Washington which has exhibits displaying the importance of hydroelectricity, natural and cultural history of this region, an abundance of salmon in the Columbian waters etc.

John B Yeon scenic state park corridor , This is named after one of the main architects of US -30 route. This park houses the lower Elowah falls and the upper McCord creek falls. it is one of the hiking spots very close to nature. The beauty of these falls is rarely visited.

Wahclella falls trail, This is one of the easiest hikes. As you hike, you will reach a small dam which is used by Bonneville fish hatchery and as you continue, surprisingly you can see the magnificent Munra falls. Falls like these surprises you and makes your hike adventurous. Go hike and experience these natural wonders.

There are nearly 77 waterfalls worth visiting on the Columbia River Gorge area, Different kinds of waterfalls, mountains and creeks, green forest cover, all make up an extraordinary experience. There are more than a dozen state parks and nature reserve areas on the Columbia River on Oregon side.

Tips for tourists,

Visit the USDA forest service and Oregon state parks websites for extensive information. There are plenty of resources to help tourists to create an amazing Oregon experience.
Few good sources of information about all trails and hikes of Oregon.

Provides authentic information on all the state parks of Oregon and for booking camping slots.


I personally followed these websites to plan my trips,



Enjoy the beauty of Oregon because it’s magic!!!