Let’s start our day with Oneonta Gorge trail


Next on US-30 after Multnomah falls , is the oneonta trail head and oneonta gorge trail. You will be in disbelief to hike such trail.  I have never seen such a trail in my entire life anywhere. We were with our friends on this hike so it was double the fun.

One has to climb over a huge mountain-like-heap of logs and get into the water with rocks underneath it. Hike extra carefully in water till you reach the end of the trail. By the time , you reach the creek and the lower oneonta falls, you will be almost submerged in water because the gorge is deep and rocky. The green flora on the sides of this gorge makes it organic and slightly claustrophobic. while you hike, you feel like an archaeologist in search of a treasure. The falls are silvery and fresh, a moment of pure bliss , child like enthusiasm and the soul feels super chilled. To go and reach the creek/falls is one challenge and to return is another.

Carry extra pair of clothing to change post hiking ; Do not carry phones or other devices unless they are water proof ; wear good shoes with firm grip; Get ready to be completely wet during the hike. Anyone who finishes this trail will never forget this one of a kind trail !!! We got very lucky to have done that.

Currently Oneonta gorge trail is closed due to eagle creek fire incident in Sept 2017.

Treading through the beautiful trails in the Columbia river gorge transports you to pristine nature; Your soul will feel relieved from all the pain it withstood over years. Shake off all your worries. Reset your mind and body with such a rejuvenating experience. While hiking away, meditate with your eyes open, feasting on the visual treats and fully live it. The nature is very much accessible here in Oregon unlike other locations.


Horsetail falls, By the name , you must have figured out how the falls look. All along the Columbia river gorge , there are different kinds of waterfalls to enjoy. It’s mind blowing to see falling water in various refreshing forms. It’s one of the scenic waterfalls with multiple trails leading to couple of other trails like pony tail falls, triple falls, oneonta falls etc. Follow the trail map for direction and full details.

Ponytail falls, these falls resemble the ponytail , Also called upper horsetail falls.
The trails leading to pony tail falls are very scenic and enjoyable. Plan your trip to cover all these beautiful hikes.

Triple falls ,have three falls like three strands of a braid. These falls resemble merging of 3 river streams .These falls can be reached from the trails starting at oneonta trail head.
This 3.2 loop of hike is scenic and adventurous.

Age of rocks and Saint peter’s dome are the two large rock formations guarding the Yeon mountain on Columbia river gorge. This trail is for risk taking hikers as most of it is non maintained, making it hard and dangerous.

Ainsworth state park, This state park is close to I 84 and US -30. This state park has hiking & biking trails , picnicking, full with all amenities for a perfect camping experience. It has the perfect share of waterfalls and hiking grounds to explore. So you can expect everything in here. Saint peter’s dome can be reached from this spot as well through one of its trails inside. camping slots can be reserved online in the below website.


To be continued….