The Mount Hood, also called WyEast by the local Multnomah tribe, is the highest mountain in Oregon. It is originally a composite volcano, located between the clackamas and hood river counties. Mount Hood carries the tag of highest altitude zip code of Oregon. One can drive to Mt Hood from Hood river city or from Sandy town.

To miss watching Mount Hood is a tourist’s grave crime. Such is the worth of this nature’s heaven. Mount Hood is a huge mountain covered with snow most of the year , with clouds floating around it, snugged in a thick, dense and evergreen forest (called the Mount Hood National park).There are almost a dozen glaciers around the Mount Hood summit. As it’s a volcano, it has the potential to erupt but the studies show, it is unlikely to happen in the next few decades.

As you see this lofty mountain and its neighboring highlands, forest cover , glaciers and lakes, you cannot but accept that mother nature is the greatest artist ever. You will lose yourself to this spectacular sight.

Portland city’s signature sight is the Mount Hood far in the clouds with the Portland downtown, bridges in its forefront. When you drive through Portland and its neighboring cities, Mount Hood gently plays hide and seek with its trusty cloud companion. The sight of the peak lures us to it. It is symbolic to the highest goals of our lives, one should always watch their goals.


It’s paradise for snowboarding, trekking, skiing, snow sports and other recreational activities. The polar express train ( now replaced with another similar ride ) through this mountainous terrain is a dream journey.


Trillium lake , named after the trillium flower which is native to this region . This lake is adjacent to Mount Hood and creates an unique ecosystem. Hiking on the trail looping this lake is exciting. This is a paradise for fishing , kayaking , boating , paddle boarding, picnicking ,camping, hiking, photography etc. Kids love to play in water and do fishing. There is a small wooden deck which allows the visitors a bonus takeout of the scenery. I noticed that people go bonkers over such Jaw dropping beauty and engage in taking unlimited pictures. Not to forget one more beauty on the lake, the ‘Ducks’ gliding near and away from the edge of the lake are a pleasant company. These lucky creatures called it their home. I personally like to sit on a reclining chair near the edge of the lake , read my favorite book sipping cool beverages and soak in all the beauty around.


Mirror lake shows the total refection of the mount hood , that’s how it got it’s name. The deep blue waters are crystal like pure and shiny with the evergreen trees encircling this water body. The trail around the mirror lake is moderate and an inspiring . Do not forget to see this nature’s mirror. Enjoy the serene experience.


Timberline Lodge is the Victorian kind of lodge located on the southern flank of Mt.Hood. This architectural marvel is known for its construction entirely from locally grown materials and craftsmanship. It has been designated as the national historic landmark in 1977. Timberline lodge is a place where you ski, watch , hike , eat and drink as the nature’s own child. It reminds me of a huge castle standing secluded on the top of a hill where the fairy tale begins , “Once upon a time…..”.


Government camp is a village which acts as an entrance or staging area to several resorts , offers recreational activities, places to eat and drink , public restrooms and to take a break from driving. Explore all the summer and winter adventures, other sporting activities. We took a ride on the scenic sky chair at Ski Bowl, Mt Hood Adventure park on a wonderful sunny day. It took us all the way up to the peak of mountain where we could see other volcanic mountains clearly. We sat on the top of the mountain for sometime and had a 360 degree watch. On the return ride, halfway we came by sky chair, later took interpretive trails and found our way to the base location. It was lot of fun to discover the meadows, local vegetation, the inspiring views of the nature and festive feel of the adventure park. This was totally worth our time and money. There are a variety of adventurous activities to do here.!!

This website provides you every information. I found this website very helpful.

White river, is our favorite spot to sit , on the smooth pebbles and rocks beside the white stream of water originating from the Mt.Hood. The name is very apt.  We spend quiet a time here observing the wilderness around. In Winter this entire area is covered with snow and snowshoers enjoy the trail. In summer, its a quiet spot to visit.


There are airplane and helicopter tours which hover over the Mt hood area, giving you the ultimate experience of watching this remarkable landscape. Though hiking is a personal experience, it takes more effort. With these aerial tours, you can experience a superior quality visual feast. Fly , Fly , Fly high alongside your dreams.

The trails surrounding the Mount hood, range from easy to difficult, they offer an adventurous experience as well as tranquil , raw yet natural experience to the hikers. Provides a list of all hikes in the mount hood area.

The drive from Sandy town via Mt Hood scenic by-way ( part of it which includes Mt Hood corridor) offers many pleasant attractions along. I personally feel that Oregon is the blue green state because of  the magnificent blues of its rivers and the lush green canopy of its evergreen forests.

Awww !!, Life in Oregon is beyond amazing..!!! It’s Magic ! Welcome to Oregon !!

Friendly Note to the reader, 

This post is a result of my extensive study of various travel resources , my personal experience as an Oregon resident and my effort to deliver a creative piece worth describing this heaven called Oregon.