Can anyone ever be perfect? Are we immune to mistakes? Is it realistic to chase perfection? All these questions run in my mind. I seek answers to these.

In the book ‘Outliers’ , Author Malcolm Gladwell explains the secrets of people who achieved extra ordinary success. How did such talented men and women  succeed ? How are they different from rest of the crowd? Did they attempt to seek perfection? or merely dedicated themselves to learn more?  He proposed a concept of 10,000 hours, explaining the story of their success. It is a worthy read.

I believe that these people have dedicated their energy to learn more with each day without expecting outcome. Chasing a mystical concept of perfection sounds absurd to me. Just like a high school kid aiming for  good grades rather than gaining intellectual prowess.

Every time, we  try something , new or old, our total attention is needed. Commit to  a task only if you are passionate about it , else there shall be lack of sincerity in the efforts. The goal of perfecting comes in the way of enjoying the task . I feel that there is no definitive moment to zero-in perfection because things change with time and technology. Our version of today’s  ‘perfect’ might be ‘basic’ tomorrow. Perfection is not a destination. It’s fancy term to fake one’s abilities because one can never be perfect. we falsely believe so.

One should enjoy the journey of  work without overthinking the end result. A  painter does not paint aiming to perfect the canvas, he desires to bring life to it. Regardless of the practice you put in, you shall feel tiny before the boundless sea of learning.

There is a saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. I rephrase it as “Practice makes a man confident”