You are a soul with a passion, when you were born into this world. In the chaos of life, You grow up , which was not that easy. You become an adult and You don’t know what you are supposed to do with this life.

You wander , looking for something which you may be willing to do, with few chances , you get going, either you succeed or fail. This doesn’t make you happy in life. You feel something is missing, Passion! You don’t know where to find it.

You find your passion by looking inside your soul and not outside of you. How to bring that passion to reality.  To find it, to know it and then acting on it is the key. When you are constantly hit with the phrase “I don’t know’, you are frustrated with your life. Eventually, your answers come to you like the cream after churning the milk. Do not stop  this “Not knowing it” battle until you find your passion.

With this new found passion , your eureka life would begin. Go , work on your passion and experience the new born version of yourself. This rebirth like experience brings the ultimate joy !!

Do it; Fail ; Stand up… ….Do it again…Until you reach that state of bliss!! That is the time when your soul finds its absolute state..!