To lie is easy , easier than saying the truth. Whenever we lie , we are spoiling the beauty of our inner sanctity. We cannot see this immediately though. We experience the effects of it later some day in the future. This is exactly like every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Speaking the truth is actually a pleasure , reliever of guilt and a giver of priceless joy.

When we take to the habit of lying , We never experience the pleasure of being bold . By not willing to admit, we choose to be a coward. An inner fear stops us from thinking honestly, just giving into the fear because its easy and provides an instant relief. The situation feels miserable.

The mind tells us that there are very few people who appreciate the honest policy. In spite of all these odds , if we dare to spit the truth , its commendable , thereby allowing  ourselves to work towards a solution.

If we choose to lie instead , we are not helping ourselves in any way. We just got ourselves a new batch of troubles. We are very much likely to end up lying more just to make up for the whole scene. Strangely we shall be heading towards a dead end.

Lying is never a solution to any problem, facing it is the one. Lying may seem effortless at that moment , sounds like a shortcut. Even if its a one time thing , one’s reputation might already have been at stake. To save one’s life , a lie can be spared.

Many works in this world are based on mutual trust. It is the foundation for any relationship, brand building etc . Being true is the heart of that trust building. Even a thief looks for a loyal accomplice.

If one can see the beauty of truth , I’m sure that they will embrace it for their whole lifetime.The sound of truth is positive and satisfying. Being true , emits radiance , grace and speaks for your courage. Only a person who has this wonderful habit can experience peace and beauty within.

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” – Thomas Jefferson