Not many of us know the importance of goals. It’s about how efficiently , we succeed in doing things. Many questions bother us in our day to day life. Over a period of time , they accumulate into a quagmire of doubt. Before we sink , we have to remedy it. Start noting down all the things you have to do and categorize into short term and long term goals. It’s strange that we completely forget few important things we wish to do in our lives. We cant even trace them. How much can the memory hold?

Having an idea in mind and acting on it, may get you a win or two but not all of them. writing goals and creating a vision helps us to do better. We do lot of mental planning and exhaust ourselves. Get set to unload your mind and organize your life. Make a list of goals and experience the joy of achieving.

Always strive to do better, Do not stop. It can be as simple as trying the next harder level of a Sudoku game. You never know what you are capable of , unless you try it. With the completion of each goal , you are one step closer to your ideal self. Why wouldn’t you like this?

All the task are pretty much doable , we don’t just think so. Time box the task , you can see how well you fare. Ask your renewed mind , how it feels? Due to lot of mental baggage, we cannot visualize our action plan. It’s above your eyes and you cannot see it. Bring it on to a paper and watch it till you finish the goal. All this for bettering your present and building a bright future. Won’t you like to be delighted?

A life without goals , is a body without soul. Define your goals and keep enjoying the progressive challenge in life. Your efforts will be cherished for future motivation.

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” – Paulo Coelho