Self love is the best investment on self. As a being , its hard to endure the drama of life. In this busy life , we forget to look inside us or cheer ourselves. Do not be hard on yourself.

Regardless of how busy you might be, develop a habit of performing a small act of self love each day. Without loving yourself , you cannot share love with this world. A peaceful world can exist only when everyone love themselves first and a result of it ,they treat their fellow humans with love and respect.

Few ways to practice self love,

  1.  Read a book you like.
  2.  Exercise for a fresh mind & body.
  3.  Enjoy your meal.
  4.  Meditate at least for 5 min.
  5.  Maintain a gratitude journal.
  6.  Observe nature .

There are few long term goals you should watch for ;
1) Do not take criticisms and judgments at face value ; Improve your self worth gradually.
2) Develop compassion for other people as it helps you to be in peace with self.
3) Do not involve in conversations which do not serve your best interests e,g Gossiping, jealousy , rivalry, revenge seeking ,sharing pessimistic thoughts etc
4) Stop reacting immediately to ridicule or insults or indignities of people. Please exit from such situations soon.
5) Do not stay in friendships which are meaningless , make you victims , impose negativity etc
6) Be good but do not try to prove it.
7) Listen to Inspirational stories for Motivation and Hope.

Loving yourself is totally different from being selfish. Selfishness is to spoil yourself for being you, having high self esteem and putting others at stake for your happiness. Self love is being good to self and treating others the way you would like to be treated. It’s a two way process. We cannot be happy outside without being happy inside.

” When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” – Paulo Coelho