Currently I read various books, magazines and blogs for the love of reading. Back in early 90’s, before the onset of online world, everyone relied on reading physical books and magazines. Those were the golden days!!

My dad being a voracious reader, invested in various literary subscriptions for the family. Reader’s digest was one of them. We (I & my brothers) loved to see the new edition of RD every month and competed to read it. We loved the fresh smell of the book, the smooth pages, the fonts, the illustrations and its every element. It’s the best family magazine we ever read.

It has articles covering different subjects, interviews, inspiring stories, food and health etc . As we were very young then , we did not have the maturity to understand every article. Those which were in the purview of our ability, we enjoyed reading such.

One of our favorite sections was the “Word Power made easy”, which lists set of words based on any topic or subject area. This is the best way to add new words to your vocab. It was never an academic exercise as they made it very fun to learn.

The other cool sections were “laughter is the best medicine”, Riddles, Jokes etc.., we had so much fun reading. RD is a classy and creative magazine, with simple yet rich content which is a rare combination. I cannot imagine my school years without this great magazine.

RD promoted a fun and creative learning atmosphere, sowed seeds of literary thinking and made our childhood memorable. This is also one of my early inspirations to become a writer. Thank you Reader’s digest!!!