Recently I  got myself a gratitude journal. It puzzled me as to why one should own such a thing and make a note of things for which they are grateful for. I have read various articles to get a sense of it. That’s when I realized that I forgot most of the good incidents in  my life which could actually have been a source of inspiration.

Every person has good and bad experiences going on in their life. Most of the time , people overthink  or overreact to the bad experiences , feel underappreciated and unlucky. Rarely a person recollects his/her good experiences and gives it a thankful  approval. One does not need to look out for motivation, their past & present is a good enough source to draw courage from. Being grateful for things in life is similar to being mindful of eating nutritious food.

Personally, I have many memories which have left a positive and happy impression in my heart. In short, I have lot of  things for which I’m thankful and thrilled. At times, even small incidents give a hearty feeling. That definitive moment of elation can be relived and worth remembering.

So, gifting a gratitude journal to self or your friends is a great idea!