For young people  , who are still in school or college and would like to write something in life, Diary is the best way to start their journey.
During my college days, I realized that i can write something, though i had no real goal to write. Those were the days when i picked up some good fiction to read and enjoyed the story telling of unreal lives.
I felt that fiction is also inspired by reality in some way and felt that reality is more dramatic than fiction. I don’t know have any reasoning.
I started to note down the highlights of my day in a diary every night before sleeping. This sweet little habit has surprised me later in my life.
After few months , I decided to read all the older entries to see how i did. Let me tell you , it was very interesting. when  I read each entry,  I was very elated to know my own life from a third person perspective.  Even the mundane episodes felt special and new. It helped me better my life.
When incidents of a regular life can be so interesting on paper , what would be the impact of well crafted creative posts ?
Writing a diary has been a revelation in my life. This can be the baby step for all the novice writers. Good luck !!