In a typical life, almost everything is predictable. Our minds do not expect anything new to work on.

People mistake this undisturbed life for a perfect life. One does not die but they will not grow either. A life without growth is worse than death. Just to lead a unchallenging and mediocre life is to blindfold themselves.

The times of challenge are so unlivable, one seeks to just wipe out that period and spare themselves the pain. These times are actually special, that needs courage and endurance. During good times, happy moments fly away before we soak them but hard times are too slow to pass.

During these moments, if one can cut the drama of being challenged and really see for what it is , it may be an opportunity in disguise. Good is not always good and bad is not always bad. A caterpillar goes through an ugly phase to transform itself into a beautiful buttefly.  doesn’t it?

Motivate yourself to be your best version and give a fair chance to this challenge. Though you cannot see the long term effects, do not invest energy in expecting the outcomes of the challenge. Dedicate in facing the challenge head on and be sure that you have done your best. You shall no more hate challenges because you have developed the strength to explore.

Breathe well and with every breath, remember that nothing is beyond your destiny. Build resilience to accept challenges sportively and be the real winner.

I cannot stop sharing quotes of Paulo coelho because he is one of my favorite authors.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine : it is lethal” – Paulo Coelho