Not many like this word for no reason. Do not hate it so much that it stays with you forever. Be inspired to take the challenges of failure.

Why do we need to be successful all the time without ever failing ? Did all the discoveries and inventions come with absolutely no failure?

When Thomas Alva Edison  was experimenting to invent an electric bulb, he was no where near it for a long time, until one day where the bulb lit. Post success , he was asked “How did you keep going despite failing awful lot times ?”

Edison answered ” I figured those many ways in which the bulb doesn’t lit”

Failure and success are two sides of a coin which are inseparable. A life with no failure, is failure in itself.

Doing a task so carefully to avoid failure will put you under lot of pressure. It steals away the charm of being wrong and the discoveries leading to success.The anticipation of success doesn’t let you enjoy the process leading to it. Focussing on the journey is worth the ride because success is never a destination , it is how well the path is travelled.Try not to repel failure and see for yourself how it can work for you.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho