Woman writining in a notebook
Writer…..Writing  ……

Why every person is not a writer.  How is a writer born ? Many people read , have knowledge, have views but not all of them are writers.

When I decided to write, I  asked myself few questions? The answers to these have helped me support my decision.

Why  I want to write? 
I’m a person who always has something to share. I would like the world to listen.

I need to discover and rediscover myself by crafting words into a beautiful write ups. This is not a phase, it is perpetual.

I see my complex thinking about everything and use writing as way to simplify it. My ideas and philosophy are the tools to explore the meaning of life.

I see the invisible mystery in life and try to describe it to my heart’s content.

I would like to inspire people and build a community.

I would like to let people know how i view life , through the prism of my writing. It’s a way to travel inside me and explore the unknown.

I have an insatiable zest to tell things which people may or may not have known. I  have the desire to pour my creative thoughts onto paper and create a meaningful piece. Just as a sculptor creates his masterpiece , I write.

 What should i write? 

Any simple thought , seed of knowledge , analysis, indeed any idea worth my contemplation.

What do i get out of it? 

Bliss !!   Divine and Pure !

What would the people see in my writing?
My Truth ! They can choose to empathize with me, agree or disagree with me, be inspired or be touched by my writing.

One of my intellectual friends once told me ” we do not reside in the universe; the universe resides in us”

A Famous writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald said ”  “Writers aren’t exactly people….They’re a whole bunch of people trying to be one person”.