Solitude has become an archaic term to humanity. In these technology driven times, it is all about networking, sharing , tweeting , posting on walls etc. There is a non sensical trend of excessive communication.

Technology is supposed make our lives better, Right? Do we ever get a private moment with self ? .When people get hooked to these gadgets, they are inseparable from these over-priced, not-so-useful gadgets. People are communicating at such a rapid rate without even knowing why. This is all part of the game where no one knows what game they are playing and why for.

When a person is so lost to his lifeless gadgets, the live soul is left out.In the days where technology has not yet taken hold of this planet, there was a charm in person to person direct communications, hang-outs with each other, writing of personal letters, etc but today each one of these have been replaced with a game changing application.

Solitude gives you the luxurious gift of self. You have yourself in absolute peace . Activities like introspection , creative thinking , reminiscing memories, meditating, etc shall bring a deep seated content. Being with yourself is the foundation to higher levels of mental energy. That is the first step to self -love. It has a restorative effect. You can work on yourself and search within for the real purpose of life.

People who stayed alone for longer periods, despise the very idea of solitude. They are scared to explore themselves. They seek company and would like to indulge in conversations to find help. Had they been able to use their gift, a lot could have happened to their advantage. If you can pause a moment and understand the need of discovering yourself , your growth will be altogether in a new dimension.

Exploit solitude for your good and claim the rewards of life. Do not mistake solitude for loneliness.

May Sarton said ” Loneliness is the poverty of self; Solitude is the richness of self”.