Every person in life faces a battle of some sort, size of it is not important. The mind and heart refuse to agree with each other and it produces an uneasy energy in the body. As a result of it , unknown and unexpected reactions occur. A person tries to react to it and ignites a different course of  consequences. To know that they are supposed to stand upright and firm all through it, is a rare blessing. only few people have such fortitude. To not know and parade in their ignorance is pitiable. The people with the blessing have a vast expanse of battle going on in their premise. To survive through this crusade, one needs immense spiritual energy. The fruits of this labor, those belonging to the physical world are just a tiny speck on a  huge canvas , but those belonging to spiritual ones are beyond gloryifying. Such experience put you on a level above the typical life.

Every human should strive to peel off their superficial layers of existence and travel deep inside themselves to reach their true self. With every challenge in your life, comes a different kind of opportunity.  See it as a harbinger of change and enlightenment.

I would like to close this post by reminiscing a quote by Paulo Coelho

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.”